RV Rental Service in Billings, MT

Taylor’s Choice Auto Plaza devotes much of its time and attention to selling vehicles, of course, but what to do if you’re looking for something more short-term? While we do rent your standard car, we also know that some of you could use a bit more room while on the road. As such, we’re pleased to announce that Taylor’s also rents RVs!

Hoping for a camping expedition without the tent? Driving cross-country and looking to save some money by skipping the roadside motels? Thanks to our partnership with Cruise America, we are able to offer both 25-foot and 30-foot models to those picking up with us locally.

RV Rentals Offer All of the Comforts of Home on the Road

Either makes for an economical but convenient family unit, with the 25-foot option allowing up to five passengers and the 30 a whopping seven. The amenities of both are numerous! A spacious rear cargo area provides plenty of room for storage. A 37-gallon shower, fresh water toilet, and 6-gallon water heater keep you clean. The kitchen includes a three-burner gas stove, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer, while the rooftop air conditioner and easy-to-use furnace let you keep your RV comfortable in any weather.

Once the sun goes down, both models include rear and overhead queen beds. The 25-foot vehicle also provides a full-sized dinette bed, while the larger model offers an additional full sofa bed on top of everything else. Everyone will have room to stretch out, and the smaller bunks can be easily converted to save room once morning comes around.

When handling the practicalities, a wall-mounted monitor panel makes it easy to check your water, gray, black, and propane tanks alongside the coach battery. It can also be used to turn the pump, heater, and generator off and on with ease. Speaking of which: the 4KW generator comes built in and powers the air conditioner, microwave, fridge, auxiliary battery, and outlets, allowing you to keep everything running even when you don’t have access to external hookups.

Last but not least, let’s not forget what’s under the hood! A Ford V8 engine, coupled with a 55-gallon tank, delivers more than enough power and drive to get you through even the hilliest terrain and out-of-the-way locale.

RV Rental Service Made Easy

Taylor’s Choice Auto Plaza always keeps its fleet in pristine condition and provides a direct shuttle service from the Billings Logan International Airport for those who need a convenient way to pick up their vehicle of choice. We can also assist with the pickup and drop-off process at other rental locations throughout the United States and Canada!

An RV can make for a smoother (and more affordable) trip, but not everyone has the means to purchase one of their own. Let us provide the opportunity! Whether you’re visiting us to buy a new ride or just plan to take one for the week, you can expect the same helpful service and reliable vehicles. Contact us today for information, rates, and reservations!

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